The re-claiming and recovery of our ‘Soulskin’

Our journey as awakening women is one of deep healing and the recovery of our natural authentic selves. A powerful journey, reconnecting us back to Earth, spirit and love, leading to the re-discovery of our Wildwoman. It is the recovery of our ‘Soulskin’ as Clarrissa Pinkolas Estes writes in her powerful book ‘Women that run with the wolves’.

So after writing about this a little in my last blog i have begun the work of finding my way to working with women in circle , to start the work of  reclaiming and recovering our natural selves, our true deep selves… for us of course (who wants to have lived a life half lived) but also for our daughters , and by that i mean our collective daughters, the daughters of the Earth, the future women.

I have begun by sharing some of the tools and practices i have used for the recovery of myself over the years… practices that i have developed, that have worked for me … stemming from my deep shamanic training in journeying and soul retrieval and the work i do with my beloved Shando, the work of ‘Becoming Native’..for more on this work see our website

So i am running an 8 week journeying circle, where i am sharing with the women dreaming, dreaming ourselves whole..

Every week for 2 hours they journey with the drum and learn to receive guidance from their helpers, create their inner lodge and inner council, start the process of connecting to their inner wise woman and deep truth. All this is preparing the grounds for the retrieval of the lost parts of themselves……………To be continued

I will be posting more on this work as i have time.

For the Earthmother

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