Recovering ourselves – Shamanic Journeying- holding our youth in strength

Recovering ourselves – holding our youth in strength


I have recently started working with women to help them recover their inner girl and inner teenager. This work is vital for healing yourself, clearing your shield and enabling you to become your natural self. If your working with youth it is even more important.

It is such beautiful work too.

Through shamanic journeying we retrieve our inner Shamanka or Wise-woman , bring her to the surface of our consciousness and create a heart lodge, so we can hold council with her.

Then through journeying and soul retrieval we can bring our inner girl and teenager to the inner lodge where she is held by the inner Wise-woman. We can journey back on the life spiral and recover ourselves.

This a deep and profound experience where you can do the ongoing work to give them what they never had, to celebrate them, listen to them , heal them. They can recover the gifts that maybe where not honoured or recognised . Not having your gifts and unique purpose honoured and celebrated might have stopped you being able to step fully into your truth and calling as you left your family unit and journeyed out into the world. Through this work you can heal the trauma and wounds from the adolescent years and move into a place of empowerment.

I think as a culture many of us get stuck in the confusion and emotions of our teenage years, and cannot move on. This happens as a result of the lack of rites of passage and celebration of young people. We were never held or witnessed by our community. This is why I do this work with girls.

But through the shamanic journeying we can go back and witness her, see her, heal and give her the rites of passage she never had.

This enables us to move on and work with youth from a place of strength. Otherwise we run the risk of projecting our own teenage experiences on the youth we are working with.

We cannot help our youth discover or keep their natural authentic self if we do not know and live from this place ourselves.

Earth Love Varda

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