Healing the Maiden Within – Recovering your Soulskin

Healing the maiden within and recovering your ‘Soulskin’

When we look back at our maiden time as women, most of us did not have a smooth transition from maiden to Woman. As we emerged and blossomed into our fullness there was probably some people or situations which caused the unfolding of ourselves in all our wild glory to shrink back, or recoil as a form of protection, or simply from the lack of understanding of who we were becoming. Most of us gave up our truth, our sense of self/ our ‘Soulskin’ to fit into the culture around us, or to be accepted, to be liked, or so we were not harmed in away. The taming of our wild feminine nature occurs through our adolescent years, as our society is afraid of the awesome nature of our girl-women as they transform into the powerful adult female. Even well-meaning family or friends can suppress our feminine nature.

Deep inside us our untamed hearts, our deeply wild and feral nature longs to be free to express itself. Our wombs call to us of our medicine. Our young teenage self knew who she was becoming, even under all the layers of conditioning and trauma that was piled on top she could feel her natural self, her ‘Soulskin’. She could feel her medicine , what she had to give to the world. Maybe she ignored it so she could be a good or nice girl instead, or so she did not upset anyone, or because she did what was expected of her. The threads of our own unique medicine wove their way through our young girl – hood and our teenager hood. The teenage years are a spiritual quest into who you are becoming. If you were able to emerge and unfold into your true self you will have a strong sense of self/ ‘Soulskin’ and your calling by the time you are 19. If you were held, seen and witnessed by the community for who you were becoming, celebrated and given the initiation you needed you would still have your ‘Soulskin’ pretty much intact. Most girls only have a tuft of their ‘Soulskin’ pelt left by the time they are 18. We can then go through our mothering years, our menopausal years and even our crone years living a life half lived, then when the call comes to return to spirit, we feel there was something we should of given to the world, there was more we could have been and we have regrets.

We as awakening women have begun to feel the need and to hear the call to have all of our self/ ‘Soulskin’ back. We have begun to want to live authentically and to know what it is that we have to give to the world. This yearning to recover ourselves and to restore the wildness inside ourselves gets really loud as we hit peri- menopause.

So to recover our ‘Soulskin’ , we need to become whole, to heal our fragmented soul , to know or own wild nature, to restore ourselves back to the natural. We will then feel our deep medicine, our deep deep truth and what we have to give to the world.

There are ancient Shamanic core practices that teach us about the fragmented soul and how to call back these parts of ourselves. Soul Retrieval is something I have worked with a lot in the past, on my own healing journey and as a healer working with others. One thing I love is to give people tools to use for themselves and so have developed a way of working with others which is a very simple, gentle process of recovering their Inner maiden. I teach shamanic journeying and the wisdom of your own guides, your inner shamanka and the Inner heart lodge . With this work I have found that people can do the work of healing their inner maiden, giving her what she never had, witnessing her, seeing her, holding her, giving her the rites of passage initiations she did not have. She then gradually begins to transform and heal. The medicine that was gently emerging for you as a teenager like the bud of a flower can now begin to blossom inside you as your inner maiden receives , heals and is nourished by your/ her deep truth. The pieces of your ‘soulskin’ that you lost , gave away or had stolen begin to weave back together as you pull the missing threads from your girl –hood and adolescence into your womb bundle. You are re writing your own herstory and giving your inner girl what she would of wanted but never had.

When we do this work together in circle she receives what she should have had from a circle of women elders, as we listen to each other’s stories and honour each other. This work is so beautiful when we work together in a circle.

So join me in the circle.

In person in west wales: https://talesfromtheeartheart.com/shamanic-soul-retrieval/

Or through bundle 1 of my online mentoring course: https://talesfromtheeartheart.com/online-mentoring-course/

With Love

Eartha  Love Varda



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