Holding Youth

Women are naturally the community developers. Women’s work naturally is about a with a way of life that keeps families and communities together supporting each other. Everyday we can walk the path of a spirituality of helping each other and especially caring for and restoring our mother earth.

Women are the nurturers of  the environment, of the family , of kinship and community. We are responsible for the birthing ceremonies and giving back to earth because she has given to us. Also to me our path is very much about taking responsibility for all the children and young people.

My work of restoring community is about women taking responsibility for all our daughters..

Just as the African saying tells us that it takes a village to raise a child…i feel it takes community to initiate youth. My vision is to see our collective daughters being held my their community of women in circles. Giving them the tools to grow strong and resilient to be able to navigate the challenges we face on our mother earth, and to be able to find the solutions to restoring the Earth.

We can make a difference starting from self.

Imagine a piece of fabric, pull a thread from this fabric and keep pulling threads…It will become weak and completely unravel. If we remove ourselves from oneness we become weakened too.

We can help our youth to recognise and feel that they are a part of the fabric of life, of oneness, this will give them spiritual strength. If they have spiritual strength they can cope with anything.

But you cannot help the world and our youth if you are not healing yourself.

So women coming together to do the work of healing themselves with the support of each other is vital.

I have created an online course for individuals and circles of women to do this work together, to restore their communities and to hold their youth in strength.

How do we want our earth to be in 100 years time.

Do we want clean air and clean water for our future generations?

Mental health comes from our sense of connection. Being in pristine nature connects us to the life force and the dance of living energy.

We cannot attain a higher consciousness and continue to destroy our teaching place…we all come here to learn all truth, all knowledge, it is here mother earth.

Our children , our young people and mother Earth need us to step up now and heal ourselves, come back together and take responsibility for restoring ourselves, our communities and the earth back to the natural…wild and free.

For our Earth mother

Eartha Love


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