Weaving the threads of my past into the map of my future

I have just finished teaching a weekend in Cornwall, with  a circle of women looking at the Map of Womanhood ( life spiral).

Even for me after all this time, the depth of the teachings of it astonishes me…Again I have moved along the spiral since the last time I circled with women…not far but enough to really honour the changes that I have been through over the past few months.

I cannot emphasise how vital this work is for the recovery of our truth, how it is nourishment for our souls as we bring consciousness to our paths as women.

Bringing consciousness to where we are on our own unique journey is an act of reverence, because as we work deeper with it we begin to see our lives as holy and begin to really want to live it…really live it! We begin to realise that we have to do this work of recovering ourselves …we have no choice if we want to work forward in our lives from a place of power and wisdom, to make conscious choices, to enjoy our menopause, to hold our young people, to restore our communities, to love and live deeper, to not settle for things that are not serving us and to restore the Earthmother.

I am in the process of a massive shift in my personal life as I feel my menopause stepping up, as my oestrogen starts to fall…I place my prayer tie next to the threshold of mid woman, deepening woman…and I pray for myself, for my journey, for myself as a woman trying to live her life with authenticity…I use my breath as my prayer and send it out.

As my oestrogen drops I surrender to the feeling of free fall…I enjoy it.

Changes are hard when I go into my mind…I pray to stay in my heart as I welcome what is to come, when I eventually step across my next rites of passage threshold in a good way…I open to the beauty that lies in my path, if I have the courage to reach for it.

Some days I go into doubt then my guides are there whispering to me , leading me to the right path.

I go out on the land, take my bundle, lay out the life spiral and the medicine wheel and honour myself, my journey so far, from where I have come, where I am in this present and where I am going.

Weaving the threads of my past into the map of my future…the threads of my medicine that my soul has always expressed even in the darkest times becomes the beautiful rich tapestry of my life.

I so love this work and I don’t know where I would be without it……

In gratitude

Eartha Love x


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