Mending the soul of the village and the children’s fire

Hi all,

In these times of uncertainty and fear, how do we help our young people to navigate their way through to adulthood?

What are we role modelling for them?

In native cultures the elders understood that the childrens fire would be at the heart of the village. desisions were made around this fire….the main thing being that whatever desisions were made would do no harm to the children.

From the perspective of the village, the village being needed for a healthy culture, i see the enormity of what is occurring now for the young people , there is more control, less freedom, less social contact and more separation through fear.

How do we hold our youth now, in 2020 and beyond?

how do we create a healthy village to hold our young people?

Rites of passage is the key in my experience.

We are moving through a collective rites of passage, which i see as an evolitionary shift. It is vital that we move through this rites of passage, face the death of the old and find meaning in this process.

Rites of passage awaken us to soul and our sense of purpose. How do we move through this collective threshold in a good way. What we need is cultural regeneration based on restoration of elderhood so we can re create healthy rites of passage ceremonies.

If we have been through our own personal rites of passages consciously. Our journey to adulthood, our step across into motherhood, our menopause etc then we will be better prepared to navigate this planetary shift. Moving though personal rites of passages and having them witnessed and honoured helps us to feel our soul, it awakens that part of us that is soul, that has come to earth for a reason, that has its own uniqueness and medicine to bring to the world. We touch death, with the death of ego and our old identity, we learn to surrender and sacrifice what no longer serves. By moving consciously through death moments which rites of a passage are, we face the ultimate , our physical death. We begin to recognise the dark night of the soul and we move through and find our way to love, to fearless living, to soul full living.

We start to see the world through our soul eyes.

We begin to do the work of soul mending and we start to mend the soul of the village.

We begin to restore elderhood, true elderhood that has faced death and is strong enough to hold the youth.

A village can be created for a couple of hours, online,10 days or a weekend and can be potent and life affirming for the young people present. By the elders holding the youth, they in turn grow in wisdom and strength as their own soul path is mirrored in the rites of passage of the young person.

I am also learning that elderhood is not just an age thing. I realise i am in the place of the elder doing this work and i am only 46!

The soul of the village grows and the tear in the very fabric of the soul of the world begins to mend ,as together we find our way to our collective destiny as sentient beings who are born of love, and are made of love and together we are one powerful ecosystem.

The work is to begin with your own personal soul mending through the work of healing the maiden. Taking you back to the rites of passages you did not cross consciously and catch up and recover those opportunities to awaken to soul and face the inner deaths. Working with the map of womanhood inside yourself first then bringing it to the girls and young women.

We offer these as workshops , one to one or online.

Lets start mending the soul of the village.


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