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If you would like to receive these ceremonies as PDF downloads, please click on the donate buttons under each ceremony and enter the amount you are donating. I offer my work as donations, in the spirit of sharing and they are my offerings towards making a change in the world, to help the human family back to their rightful place, in harmony with our sweet mother earth and the spirit that moves through all things.

 My prayer is that my attempt at helping to create new culture born of the land will flourish, and these teachings will go a long way.

The money will help me on my journey to continue and grow this work.

(A suggested donation would be, anywhere between £2 – £10)

 With love and gratitude

For the EarthMother
Eartha Love


Earth Meditation

This is a meditation that gets the girls to feel and sense themselves in the centre of the medicine wheel. It brings the understanding that we are in fact completely surrounded by the beauty of the natural world and that that beauty is inside them as they are part of that beauty. It brings a sense of belonging and that they are a perfect part of creation , just as fox, badger, buzzard. They are part of the whole and have a role in this perfection that is the natural world, just by recognising they are beautiful and perfect too. This leads into a circle of sharing about our Earthmother and/or the making of an earth altar and teachings of the directions/work with the compass.

Wild Womb Tree Meditation

This is a meditation in which they bring their awareness to their womb space, and connect to the rhythm of the wild land, their wild nature, the truth in their hearts and their dreams

To download these two meditations and teachings, click here:
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The Big Girl Hoop Ceremony ;

The call of the outer world20160816_165219

This ceremony marks the start of a long pilgrimage or journey in which a young girl begins to leave   behind her childhood and starts the movement towards Womanhood.She begins the process of turning away from her inner world and turns towards the outer world….the time when the ebbing and flowing of her wavelike hormones begin.Its about age 8 or late 7.

In this is a beautiful ceremony of hoola hoops, flowers, shells and stones which mark the threshold which is occurring naturally. Once the threshold is joyfully crossed she receives her gift, her power , and begins the gathering of her wisdom bundle.

Download of ceremony and teachings click here
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Girlbloom Ceremony

The call of the outer world which began at around 8 (see the big girl hoop ceremony) becomes louder. So this ceremony is designed for girls from age  8/9 till about age 12. The yearning to find out whats out there gets stronger. As the girl’s become attracted to the emotional waters of puberty, they wade out into the waters away from their inner world, and begin the expansion into the outer world. This brings emotions, confusion, turmoil and painful challenges as well as the emotional depth she will achieve whilst on her journey outward. 75012358_583708792440700_7732204750833188864_n

I designed this ceremony after writing the River’s Medicine story ( see the stories page). So one of the elements of the ceremony is the telling of this story to the girl’s. Therefore this download is a package which contains the information about the developmental phase of this rites of passage, the ceremony, the story, and the games i use to prepare the girls for the challenge.

Download of info, ceremony and story click here

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Tears are a river that takes you somewhere…Tears lift your boat off the rocks, off dry ground, carrying it downriver to someplace better.”

― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

 Despacho Ceremony

2015-08-10 13.33.49 (1)

This is the most beautiful ceremony! i learnt how to hold it as part of my shamanic training. it comes from Peru and i have adapted it for Girls and women.So much beauty goes into this ceremony and the girls love it! You can weave so much earth wisdom with it. Together the girls create a offering to Pachamama, our Earth Mother and the divine feminine and it is ritual offered to the land. Can be used with girls of all ages.

Download ceremony and teachings click here
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Gathering your wisdom – Creating your Mesa (medicine bundle)


As part of my shamanic training I learnt how to make my Mesa, this is a word that is used in Peru. It comes from the Q’uero Indians who live in the Andean mountains. It is similar to a medicine bundle which lots of native tribes would use in their culture. I have adapted this beautiful teaching for girls as they journey to womanhood, after making them with my two daughters first, then bringing it to lots of other. It becomes a physical representation of there ‘soulskin’. Can be used with girls age 8 up.

Coming Soon… The deeper teachings of the bundle

“Our journey as awakening women is one of deep healing and the recovery of our natural authentic selves. A powerful journey, reconnecting us back to Earth, Spirit and Love, leading to the re-discovery of our wild woman, It is the recovery of our ‘Soulskin’ as Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes in her powerful book ‘Women who run with the Wolves’.

But imagine if we had managed to hold on to our Soulskin, to our natural self, if we had never lost it, or given it away. What if we had been shown as an adolescent girl how to find it, know it and keep it. What if it had been the women in our communities that had circled around us and taught us, shown and guided us how to do this when we were girl-women”    Extract from an article for ‘She who knows’ magazine by Angharad Varda

“The spirit medicine bundle will reinforce your connection to spirit. To bring forth the knowledge of your spirit is to bring out your inner self.”   Wolf Moondance.

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The Map of Womanhood

Understanding the Life Cycle through the Medicine Wheel

This download gives you information and teachings about each life stage/threshold on the human life cycle. These are natural rites of passage that the human family go through in their lives, as they journey along the medicine wheel, through the many changes that occur in their bodies. They can also be times of spiritual awakening and leaps in consciousness and healing if understood and marked with celebration and ceremony.
The Life cycle of a woman, i call the map of Womanhood. Includes a ceremony and Drum Journey.




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