Daughters of the Earth Lodge

Daughters of Earth lodge



we put the earth at the centre


We are a core group of 5 women- Rachael, Angharad, Robyn, Jenny and Do. We have been meeting together for over a year; we have put the earth in the centre, opened our hearts, held council and spoken our truth and found our way to holding and creating our Women and Girls Lodge.

We bring our bundle of wisdom to share; forest school, play, camaraderie amongst ourselves and the girls, nature connection, play therapy, beautiful crafts, sacred girls lodges, story telling, moon time wisdom, songs and chants, beautiful ceremonies, wise women’s ways…

See our Website : https://daughtersoftheearthlodge.com/

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The Intention of our lodge.

For us it’s about making sure that the next generation is fully and harmoniously integrated into themselves, their bodies, their families, their communities and into nature. So they grow up to be happy, strong, and fully functional for themselves, their tribe and families.

The purpose of this is so life works in a good and becoming way and that this carries on into the future and down the generations.

In traditional tribes they would spend a huge amount of time and energy into holding their young people and initiating them because the cost of not doing that is greater.

So not only are we teaching and guiding them, we are giving them the new pattern and that is what culture is.

We are creating new cultural patternsseed fund badge copy

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