both of us in the woods

*Working with communities of women and girls to restore rites of passage, culture and the land

*Stories, drum journeys, meditations, ceremonies and Shamanic teachings for women and girls.

*Mentoring girls age 8 and up, through the Medicine path, Earth wisdom and Nature connection.

Sorry for the poor quality! Learning to do this work online whilst living off-grid and home educating!! so much love and thank you for watching x

This website brings you resources and tools you can use with your daughters, with the women and girls in your circle, community or in workshops. I have created and used these resources successfully with my own daughters, in children’s circles and in women and girls lodges for many years. They are packages you can download, which include a teaching story, meditation or drum journey leading into a ceremony or activity.

They are teachings of connection to the earth mother and all our relations, to the wild land and our wild natures, to ourselves and our own unique truth, purpose and gifts, a sense of belonging to the land, and connection to the cyclic nature of being woman.

Also you will find online courses in the form of bundles. These are to help you set up your own girls lodge.

‘Wildlife and the Wild Women are endangered species. The spiritual lands of the wild women have throughout history been plundered or burnt ,dens bulldozed and natural cycles forced into unnatural rhythms to please others. Its is not by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet disappears as the understanding of our own wild nature fades.’

Clarissa Pinkolas Estes

My work with girls comes from the work I do in my life with my family. The work of Sacred Woman, Sacred World and Becoming Native. It is the work of community , restoring ourselves and restoring the land back to the wild, to the natural.

The work flows from the restoration inside ourselves and in our communities and sisterhood circles.

It is the work of awakening. A profound journey of bringing our daughters with us as we reconnect and find our way home.

Becoming Native is the deep heart of this work of recovering ourselves and re-wilding the land. It is a medicine path.

The centre is open in the circle , from this centre flows all we need to reclaim our indigenous hearts and create new cultural patterns for a new time on Earth, that hold us and our youth in strength. Its the work of becoming a healthy human ecosystem, re- connecting and healing.

Sacred Woman, Sacred world and Becoming Native is the container for my girls work. For our daughters it is a journey of the sacred, of medicine, including their own, of belonging, connection, self discovery, beauty and wildness, joy and laughter. We drum, sing, tell and listen to stories, play games, hold ceremonies, share and craft. Together women weaving a profound circle of great beauty, which the girls love. We witness them as the grow and discover who they really are , we listen to their truth and see the truth of who they are becoming, their unique gifts and the sense of purpose or calling.

Our journey as awakening women is one of deep healing and the recovery of our natural authentic selves. A powerful journey, reconnecting us back to Earth, Spirit and Love, leading to the re-discovery of our wild woman, It is the recovery of our ‘Soulskin’ as Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes in her powerful book ‘Women who run with the Wolves’.

But imagine if we had managed to hold on to our Soulskin, to our natural self, if we had never lost it, or given it away. What if we had been shown as an adolescent girl how to find it, know it and keep it. What if it had been the women in our communities that had circled around us and taught us, shown and guided us how to do this when we were girl-women

This website is my offering to the world to help others gather around their daughters.

For work of recovering ourselves so we can restore the land and and our communities, see our sister website:

For the EarthMother

Eartha Love X

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