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Welcome to Woman Becoming Rites of passage. We are a unique body of work around youth and initiation. What make us unique is that Woman Becoming is based around the reality that just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community of sisters to initiate girls into becoming woman. We realise that having a circle of empowered women around our daughters from the ages of between 8 to about 14 is crucial to the forming of her strong sense of self, and the knowing of her unique path in this life. This is the way we help them to navigate the dark night of the soul, their initiation into womanhood. Like the caterpillar become a butterfly by entering a cocoon, our girls are prepared through the work of woman becoming to enter the cocoon of the teenage years, so they can unfurl their new soul wings of womanhood , with witnessing , honouring and holding.

Our Offerings to life are

Online Trainings

We run training programs online and in some cases in person for circles of Women. The intention is to create a strong ‘village’ container for the holding of the daughters, and the co creation of Rites of passage ceremonies. It is the regeneration of a healthy new earth culture, as the old paradigm is collapsing, and becoming more distorted and unhealthy. Together we bring the daughters up with all they need to build a strong sense of self, like their little boat of self, so they can navigate the inner river of the teenage years, to carry them safely to the ocean of adulthood. The inner river of the teenage years is the spiritual quest to feel who they are becoming. Together we prepare them internally for that by giving the tools for their journey.

Rites of Passage Programs

The Rites of passage ceremonies and programs that we run are for the initiation of the soul, as the body is developing. We are living in a culture that has been built by adults that have not made it through their initiations and stepped across the threshold into adulthood. The symptoms of moving through thresholds of initiation unconsciously are many, and you can see the results of this, as the unhealthy culture perpetuates itself. Symptoms are no sense of belonging, no knowing of your soul, no understanding that you have unique gifts to give to the world, and that the world has gifts to give to you, fear of death, therefore fear of life, isolation, feeling lost and fragmented, separation, no understanding of our interconnectedness with all life, grief, trauma etc etc. We run ceremonies for all nine thresholds along the Map of Womanhood, not just adulthood initiations. We also work with trauma as personal initiations, and the collective initiation into the new earth.. our See our sister website We run rites of passage programs and Soul quests for our daughters. See here for more info


Eartha has inspired such a beautiful movement here in the UK (and perhaps further afield?) by holding mother and daughter lodges for her girls and then supporting so many others to set them up for their daughters. I am so grateful for the support that has made that possible. To be able to lean into Eartha’s wisdom, experience and beautiful session plans that she provides (bundles), coming to hold several lodges a year and mentoring calls has been so incredible. 
     Meeting a year with just the mothers and journeying through the thresholds from birth, girlhood, menarche and beyond together and gathering our lost parts. Honouring and celebrating these transitions in a circle of sisterhood. Holding the wounded parts tenderly and giving them what they longed for through shamanic journeys, ritual, witnessing and more. Then welcoming our sweet girls in to this container (age 9-10 years old) and offering nature connection games and practices, stories, guided journeys, ceremonies and craft activities. Sharing women’s wisdom teachings on importantant topics such as puberty, menstruation, body image, how to stay true to yourself and your ‘soulskin’ and how to listen to your inner voice and so much more. The underlying foundation being of honouring the Earth and how nature is within us and we are the Earth was woven within the stories and other activities.
    I have such precious memories of this journey. Seeing our daughters during their Girlbloom ceremony as they made their way blindfold towards us, guided by our song whilst following a rope through the woods with their hands. Visiting each ‘spirit spot’ where our girls spent their soul quest in the wild oak wood on Dartmoor and honouring her unique qualities. I love the way Eartha is with the girls, bringing laughter and lightness as well as such deep teachings. 
    My daughter loved the girls lodge. I can see how it has supported her to be comfortable  with talking about her body and the changes that puberty brings. Also, I value the closeness we share which was nourished by our monthly lodges. I feel that each mother and each daughter brought a  different colour thread to the lodge and these wove into a beautiful basket that held us and nourished us. We all learnt from each other and learnt that there is no one way of being a woman, all our unique medicines are needed in the world. It was an honour to witness them grow in to womanhood in this way.



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