Mother and daughter Camps


Mother/Daughter…Woman/girl camp Cornwall.

August 9th to August 11th 2019

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the deep beauty of village sisterhood for women and daughters. The weekend will be working with the map of womanhood which teaches us the 10 natural thresholds or rites of passages a woman goes through in her life…and how the power that is avaliable at each threshold is essential for the deep sacredness of a womans Earth walk. There will be wisdom for the mothers on how to go back and reclaim this for themselves and wisdom for the girls on what journey they are on and how we can support them as collective sistars . Stunning stories…amazing blacksmithing….menarche wisdom…pelvic care….building their sense of self…becoming who you really are and much more…

this camp is a wonderful opportunity for women/girls and mothers/daughters to gather together recreating the magic of deep sistering within village life.
women/mothers coming together in strength and love, in sacred circle to witness each other in their unique medicine within the wholeness of tribe, this creates true sisterhood which we can gift to our collective daughters.
The camp will be based around the beauty of the wise teachings of the map of womanhood, the ten thresholds of power a woman journeys through in her sacred Earth walk…working in this camp with the two thresholds of girl woman, age 8 and blood flower(age 12) as this will mirror where the girls are in their own lives…there will be communal lodges and a lodge for women and a lodge for girls…games and stories…medicine walks on the land…menarche wisdom…pelvic care wisdom…and blacksmithing.
9th eve..there will be a welcoming ceremony and an introduction to the map of womanhood
10th will be a day of beauty with teachings on awakening to the world.. and building your sense of self…the ebb and the flow
11th August…will be a day on the wise teachings of the teenage years…becoming who you really are..sacredness of becoming a woman..changing woman mandala..
.Pelvic care wisdom with  Kate of Sacred yoni Cornwall        https.://
and blacksmithing…the girls will make a copper bowl to represent their sacred vessel and container for their sense of self with Sharon Cooper
there will be cooking on the fire and a celebration, honouring and witnessing of the girls by the village of women….
the cost will be around £300…concessions and early bird tickets will be available £250..camping £24 …
Early bird tickets on sale now until June 15th

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Past Journey Into Womanhood camps


Journey into Womanhood- Mother and Daughter Camp 2017
24th – 27th August 2018
£300 per mother and daughter
(includes camping and all meals-veggie)
For Mothers and daughters (age 8 to 14 ) to spend a magical weekend in Pembrokeshire, sitting in circle, sharing stories and cooking around the fire, being together on sacred land, spending time in the Red Tent Yurt, the roundhouse, Stone Circle…touching the earth, watching the stars, sharing women’s mysteries and ceremony….4 days of female bliss!
Limited numbers! email Rachael :
                                                 Emma :
Or look at our website


Last year i was one of three faciltators who ran a journey to womanhood camp. What a beautiful gathering as you can see belowDSC_0474

We put up the tipi in the sunshine and sang to the elements, praying for holding for the camp…and good weather!

Friday evening the mothers and daughters began to arrive….we had our meal and then the fire making started!





We had a sharing of the 9 passages of womanhood, made prayer bundles to lay on the altar. We prepared together for the  mid- girl ceremony which was to come , making masks, and sharing stories  and singing whilst and mothers and daughters painted each others faces!


The evening was a time for the women to gather for a powerful sharing and healing of their mid -girls, while the girls shared about the feminine spirit and  Heron Medicine…All preparation to hold the coming  ‘Girl bloom’ ceremony the next day. For the older girl, her emerging ‘woman becoming’ was being prepared for ceremony.

The next day the women gathered in the Red Tent and welcomed Freya as “woman becoming” into the lodge. We meditated on our maiden selves and stood at the truth cairn and declared our truths and authentic selves.

After a morning of games the girls were ready for their Girl Bloom Ceremony.


The brave young girls were given a challenge to overcome, whilst finding their way to the house of the women. They were held with drumming,  river songs and  River’s medicine story : story of the girls ebb and flow.

For the full Girlbloom ceremony :

Each girl was blessed with water by Rachael, Emma and Jenny and embraced by their mothers.DSC_0484

After her own challange , Freya was honoured by the women and girls as a bleeding woman (woman becoming). It was so important that the younger girls witnessed this celebration and honouring. We painted her in henna and sang from our souls.


As always, we finished our ceremony with a delicious chocolate cake made by Jenny!

That evening we turned the Red tent into a temple of light, we gathered for a women’s wisdom story and made girl-women bundles.

How to make a Bundle –


The Camp ended with a beautiful gratitude sharing and honouring of the girls and their mothers.


What a beautiful camp, it was immensely powerful and we are sure the mothers, daughters, and core group will be processing it for months to come.

Feedback from some of the mothers:

“What peacefulness, gentleness, acceptance and love from beautiful women and beautiful land. Having my daughter held, seen and initiated by other women was so special. The blend of ceremony, space, fire, song, nourishing food, crafts, circle and rest was so cleverly woven and sensitively birthed. The girls ceremonies and activities were prefect and beautiful”

“I loved the red tent yurt! Beautiful space. I felt held by this beautiful land and the weather held us too. Wonderful to have a variety of women holding space. I loved Emma’s stories, being in a circle of women, meeting new women/mothers. Seeing my daughter immersed in this environment. Seeing her being held, heard, seen, witnessed, honoured as herself. Being held, even in our shadow moments, that is true holding. Wonderful that this is being organised and held by English/Welsh women on UK soil!”

“I enjoyed the sacred space of the lodge, the stories, songs, ceremonies….the company of other women and the girls”


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