Changing Woman Moontime Mandala

The Changing Woman MoonTime Mandala and Colouring Book. 

Changing woman Mandala is now being developed into an online teaching resource with session plans which include stories and games to help women use it with girls, it will be bundle three of the online mentoring course, it is already included in bundle one for women to connect deeply with this wisdom of their wombs, it includes a more in depth look at this wisdom and drum journeys to each Archetype and season. Important work to recover our natural selves as women to help create pathways back home to a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Extract from online mentoring bundles:    “The Changing woman Moontime mandala has come from the journey I have taken in this lifetime to be part of the solution to the problems caused by the separation of humanity from Mother Earth and our global ecosystem…our landscape reflects back to us the deepest part of us. what is happening on the outer is also happening on the inner, the disappearance of the wild land also reflects the disappearance of our wild souls, our wild natures. How do we return home? one of the easiest and most natural ways is in the deep feminine energy. This is held in our wombs”  Hannah Gwawr.

Moon Mandala
Moon Mandala

Years Ago I was inspired by the book “the red moon” by Miranda Grey.
As soon as I read it I felt the remembering and understanding of the blood mysteries and our feminine monthly cycle, being able to understand that our internal rhythms and emotions were deeply Connected to the archetypes of woman and Mother Earth through her seasons was a profound moment for me. Women’s wisdom and Mother Earths wisdom are deeply woven together, so sacred, so beautiful.

As I went deeper with the teachings within myself, I understood, as a result of years of working with children, mainly girls in sacred space and Homeducating my children, including two daughters and two nieces, that I needed to bring these teachings to them as they journeyed to womanhood in visual form. I began to see the archetypes and began to paint, not knowing that eventually I would arrive at the Changing Woman Moontime Mandala, a beautiful chart with images and inspiring words on a wheel that turns to help girls and women to visually see which archetype and her medicine she is embodying during each stage of their monthly journey, this helps them to then understand why they might feel like they do.
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Flowing from this then came the colouring book which is also a story book with extracts of beautiful medicine stories from Eartha love.
Colouring Book Cost:£15 including P&P (international packaging is £5 extra)
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Colouring Book
        Colouring Book
Then came cards from the Maiden image on the mandala to inspire young women as they begin their womanhood journey.
In loving sisterhood
Hannah Gwawr x
Moon Maiden Cards
Moon Maiden Cards
I am Maiden reborn after deep resting, young, excited and grounded, like a spring morning and rising sun I awaken slowly and gracefully to a new time of gentleness and innocence. Just as the sap rises and the buds open, my creative and sexual energy rises like a snake to greet a new day, a new phase in my cycle.
Embodying potential and growth the new buds on my womb tree are full of promise and creativity, the lamb sits at my feet representing my innocence, even as I stand in my power. Swan speaks of my graceful awakening.
Image by Hannah Gwawr, taken from her Changing Woman Moontime Mandala.
Moon Maiden card:Cost £3 including P&P
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