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 We offer four online Mentoring bundles for women, to prepare them for working with girls.

These are bundles of work that we have put together from our experiences of working with women and girls and the land. The bundles weave sacred space and spiritual practices with deep nature connection and Earth awareness. This work with girls is specifically for women who want to guide youth in this way, as it has Shamanic roots and an indigenous heart. This stems from my work of Becoming Native.

What makes this work unique is that it is specifically designed for guiding a community of women into holding a circle of girls together.

Having your daughters around empowered women and girls from a young age is vital, age 8 is when the hormones and cycles begin, start then.  They will begin to imitate other women and girls from age 10. Who are the women and girls they will imitate in your community, or from the television? When they begin to push away from their mothers, they need others.

Together they open the centre and from the centre flows new cultural patterns and the flowering of new ways of being with and holding our youth. This comes from the work of Live Earth and my belief in the beauty of the circle, where everyone’s wisdom has a chance to blossom and becomes medicine for their community and their daughters.

 Bundle 1 – For the women.

Restoring community – Recovering ourselves and holding our daughters in strength.

: Cost £222

78035951_944453039282096_4924759683715039232_nIf we are going to gather around our girls in a good way, we need to heal our inner girls, our inner teenagers. Go back and revisit these parts of yourselves, heal them, and give them what they did not have. Mentoring girls is simply helping them awaken their divine essence or genius. But we can’t become mentors if we are not in touch with our own authentic self and unique truth. We have to model these for our collective daughters and embody it. We cannot give them what we do not have ourselves. Bundle 1 is the recovery of ourselves so we can become in touch with our own authentic self and unique truth, and so we can give our unique medicine to the girls.

This work is also relevant for ALL women who have daughters or grand daughters, who are running mentoring programs or just want to be with girls.

It is relevant for All women who want to heal and step into their medicine , who want to hold their young people, including the boys from a place of deep truth and strength and for those women who are heading towards the menopause. This first bundle is for all women!

This bundle will come in the form of about 90 pages of PDf’s and 8 video’s. It is work for women to do together or by themselves.

It includes the following

Becoming Native practices and ceremonies for women to reconnect with the land

Opening the centre ceremonies

Map of womanhood teachings and the medicine wheel

Moonmandala teachings including the Moontime mandala to use with girls

Shamanic journeying

Inner council and Inner Wise-woman

Recovering and healing your inner girl and inner teenager

Bundle making

Nature connection games and ceremonies

Ceremonies for women

Stories for women.

When you buy this course you will receive a password by email which will give you access to all the PDFs and Video’s.

Here is a video of Eartha teaching this bundle to a group of women who bought the bundle and are working with her to start their girls lodge. 

Bundle 1 comes in three parts

Part 1 includes:

Sisterhood circles – How to build a strong circle of woman to work together and then to hold your daughters. Meditations and ceremonies to do together.

Becoming Native – Nature connection exercises , including Shamanic practices for deep connection to the natural world.
Introduction to the Map of womanhood – Working as a group of women together first ( before being with the girls) on the map of womanhood spiral.
Part 2 includes:
Map of womanhood – Working as a group of women together first ( before being with the girls) on the map of womanhood spiral.
Rites of passage – looking at the rites of passage thresholds you didn’t have as a young girl and healing them.
Inner Wise-woman and inner council- Healing work with journeying to recover your Inner Wise woman and heal your Inner Teenager.
Part 3 includes:
Changing Woman Moontime mandala – working with your cycles – This is a resource package from my twin sister who runs the Avalon Grove in Glastonbury…See Avalon grove facebook page and Moontime Mandala
Soulskin Teachings and creation of your Soulskin bundle
Bundle 1 for women ….to buy click here – £222 (£233 for overseas P & P for mandala)

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Bundle 2 – For use with the girls.

Cost £222  

This bundle contains  information and advice about the journey of self discovery that is teenager-hood. It contains advice for restoring your communities of sisterhood to hold your girls, mentoring advice, ‘Soulskin’ teachings, the wisdom of being a woman and rites of passage and much more!

The price includes 9 videos

Video 1- Intoduction to bundle 2
Video 2 – Mentoring and destiny mentoring
Video 3 – Live Earth Sisterhood circle/Open centre / living from the heart
Video 4 – Soulskin teachings / wild Nature        
Video 5 – Becoming Native/ belonging 
Video 6 – Map of Womanhood                              
Video 7 – Intuition and womb wisdom
Video 8 – Ebb and flow/ connection to the moon  
Video 9 – Boundaries/ Sacred space

Also it includes approx 20 Becoming Native session plans which contain:

Drum Journeys
Nature connection and immersion.
Advice and support

Bundle 2 for working with girls to buy click here – £222

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Concessionary prices or paying in instalments are available by arrangement.
A free introductory video explaining the course content is now available. It explains the content of the course in more detail so you can see if this work is for you.
Contact me with a request and your email and i will send it out to you.
Another video of Eartha Love explaining the teaching of the soulskin bundles from bundle 1, which for women is the rediscovery of their soulskin, and bundle 2 for girls which is the discovery of their soulskin. 

Coming Soon – New Training program for faciltating girls days!! – Taking this work into any enviroment in your communities and beyond by holding your own girls circle days arond the woman becoming work!! Watch this space


Tree sisters online bundle

20180318_120407This online resource bundle has been specially put together and prepared  by Hannah Gwawr through her love of the forests and her path as a tree sister with the important work of feminine based leadership, resilience and restoration…it is a variation on the other becoming native bundles in that it is focused on our right relationship with the trees and forests as women. The bundle will assist women and girls to have 4 beautiful days of communion and connection with each other and with the forest. Bonding, sharing and celebrating together the wonderment, mystery and power of the indigenous feminine and the glory of the forest beings/the trees and its/their seasonal journey of transformation and community support, taking into the senses the life force, the smell and the beauty of the natural world. The women and girls will feel a deep sense of belonging, essential to their wholeness as they journey out into womanhood. The understanding of out true home and place on earth is experienced deep into our souls through our relationship with the forest ecosystem. This bundle is designed for the women and girls to be all together all day… For just £40 you will recieve. teaching videos from myself on holding space in the woods for the girls. There will be a day for each season with nature immersion games, stories, beautiful ceremony, suggested songs and introduction to our feminine archetype within our own inner season all with story and visual, beautiful pictures. One Changing woman Mandala and 4 prints of each feminine Archetype in her natural Ecosystem.

To buy this bundle click on the link below

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