Bundle 2


The price includes 9 videos

Video 1- Intoduction to bundle 2

Video 2 – Mentoring and destiny mentoring

Video 3 – Live Earth Sisterhood circle/Open centre / living from the heart

Video 4 – Soulskin teachings / wild Nature        

Video 5 – Becoming Native/ belonging 

Video 6 – Map of Womanhood                              

Video 7 – Intuition and womb wisdom

Video 8 – Ebb and flow/ connection to the moon  

Video 9 – Boundaries/ Sacred space

Also it includes approx 20 Becoming Native session plans which contain:

Drum Journeys





Nature connection and immersion.

Advice and support

Bundle 2 for working with girls to buy click here – £444

For payment plans or other ways to pay, please use the contact form below

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