The Eartheart

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The Forest Garden

The Eartheart is sacred land

An Eartheart is a piece of land where local people gather to celebrate and express their connectedness, and to rewild their inner selves.

It is a place for people to explore and create what is ‘sacred’ to them and to give this to the landscape.

It is cooperatively owned and managed by all involved and is collectively given back to the Earth for ever.

The Eartheart is a seed in the landscape, we are planting a seed of a vision for the unfolding of sacred land.A seed of a vision coming from the landscape, a community sacred site, a reservation for exiled/ wild plants, exiled/ wild people, welcoming them home to the land, to connection.

A place for people to come and dream with the seed, with the vision of a new culture born of the land.


The Eartheart is  nestled  just underneath the ‘Dragons Back’ , which is the ridge of bluestones where the inner ring of Stonehenge came from.

The land is owned by the Live Earth Trust and is held in trust for the Earth. The charity was set up to buy land and give it back to the Earth.

 The vision of Live Earth is to give back land to the Earth, to create wild places, to create community sacred gathering sites, to provide an abundance of wild food and medicines, to create a reservation for exiled wild plants and trees and flowers. To create a place for people exiled from the wild land. To come together and listen to the land, to dream with the land, to open their hearts to the truth of connection. 

We belong to the Earth, the Earth cannot belong to us.

We have the right to be indigenous people, First Planet Natives living closely with the land,free from fences and walls.

The first Eartheart has been seeded, a seed of truth in the landscape. As that truth unfolds and flowers into a wild land, a tribal land for First Planet Natives/People,  the seeds in our hearts, of the truth of connection to Earth and Spirit will unfold and flower awakening our indigenous souls and becoming native once again to our true selves and the Earthmother.

The Eartheart is a place of stillness, healing, dreaming and of deep listening. A place to heal with the land and dream with the land. It is a place of love and recognition of ‘all our relations’ a place to commune in peace with the Earth, the plants and trees and rocks.

A place to feel our own roots, of belonging, and the unfolding of the Eartheart inside of us.

We are dreaming of coming back home to the wild land, our wild natures and consciousness, to dance to living energy of which we are all a part , to spirit ,to love.

The Eartheart can never be sold or developed as it is not owned by anybody, rather we all own it together and together have given it back to the Earth.

Already on site we have a start up forest garden, a compost loo, a standing stone, a medicine wheel , and some years ago a Cherokee medicine bundle was buried there with full blessing.

This year we hope to fence off the side walls and plant them up with strong major flowering plants and herbs to create the start of an insect and bee resource. There will also be a tipi near the medicine wheel for small gatherings and retreats.

Further up we will create an area for a Sacred Grove which is a circle of one of each of the original trees of these islands. Inside that there will be a Sweet Cauldron which is an ellipse of the native half way trees lie hawthorn, broom and elder etc.

In small sheltered areas we hope to put shelters and platforms for retreats or star gazing.

The site is conservation grazed by two rescue mountain ponies from a wild herd.

A place to open and honour connection and inner wildness,for Celebration, Ceremony, Retreat, Connection, Dreaming.

To see more of this work and our travelling lodge or if you would like to donate to the charity, click here:

Live Earth Trust/Eartheart/Sacred Land Scheme


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