Treesisters online Bundle.

This online resource bundle has been specially put together and prepared  by Hannah Gwawr through her love of the forests and her path as a tree sister with the important work of feminine based leadership, resilience and restoration…it is a variation on the other becoming native bundles in that it is focused on our right relationship with the trees and forests as women.

The bundle will assist women and girls to have 4 beautiful days of communion and connection with each other and with the forest. Bonding, sharing and celebrating together the wonderment, mystery and power of the indigenous feminine and the glory of the forest beings/the trees and its/their seasonal journey of transformation and community support, taking into the senses the life force, the smell and the beauty of the natural world. The women and girls will feel a deep sense of belonging, essential to their wholeness as they journey out into womanhood. The understanding of out true home and place on earth is experienced deep into our souls through our relationship with the forest ecosystem.

This bundle is designed for the women and girls to be all together all day…

For just £50 you will recieve.

teaching videos from myself on holding space in the woods for the girls.

There will be a day for each season with nature immersion games, stories, beautiful ceremony, suggested songs and introduction to our feminine archetype within our own inner season all with story and visual, beautiful pictures.

One Changing woman Mandala and 4 prints of each feminine Archetype in her natural Ecosystem.

Changing woman story and colouring in book

£55 with postage

£60 international postage paypal extra £5

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