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Our Training programs are bundles of work that we have put together from our experiences of working with women and girls and the land. The bundles weave sacred space and spiritual practices with deep nature connection and Earth awareness. This work with girls is specifically for women who want to guide youth in this way, as it has Shamanic roots and an indigenous heart.

What makes this work unique is that it is specifically designed for guiding a community of women into holding a circle of girls together.

Having your daughters around empowered women and girls from a young age is vital, age 8 is when the hormones and cycles begin. Start then.  They will begin to imitate other women and girls from age 10. Who are the women and girls they will imitate in your community, or will they just imitate the women and girls from social media. When they begin to push away from their mothers, they need others.……

Bundle 1 – For the women to mend the soul of the village ( for groups or individuals)
Restoring community – Recovering ourselves and holding our daughters in strength.

If we are going to gather around our girls in a good way, we need to heal our inner girls, our inner teenagers. In this training we go back and revisit these parts of ourselves, heal them, and give them what they did not have. Mentoring girls is simply helping them awaken to their divine essence or genius. But we can’t become mentors if we are not in touch with our own authentic self and unique truth. We have to model these for our collective daughters and embody it. We cannot give them what we do not have ourselves. Bundle 1 is the recovery of ourselves so we can become in touch with our own authentic self and unique truth, and so we can give our unique medicine to the girls. Click here to read more…

Bundle 2 – For working with the girls ( for groups of individuals)

This bundle is for working with girls. It contains  information and advice about the journey of self discovery ,that is pre adolescence and adolescence.. This bundle is usually worked with after the women have worked with bundle 1. When they have built the strong container of their circle , they welcome their daughters into that container, which holds them on their journey to womanhood. Together as a village of woman. It can be also be bought alone for those women who feel ready to mentor girls. There are session plans, teaching videos, ceremonies, stories. Enough Material and info to run your girls circle for a year.. For more info read here…..

Bundle 3 Healing the Maiden Maiden- Restoring Elderhood. Training for facilitators and mentors of rites of passage programs, mothers of daughters and any woman working with young women and girls. ( for individual women)

This is a body of work that goes deep into the journey of recovering and retrieving our natural power and true essence as women by going back along the map of womanhood to recover our Maidenhood. Journeying back and picking up the threads of our younger years and honoring four important thresholds and natural rites of passage which she went through. Healing, witnessing and celebrating those times in wholeness so your maiden can receive what she never had and bring through her unique gifts and medicine for our beautiful world, Mother Earth and Community. Retrieving her power through shamanic techniques really allows the soul to become fully integrated so she can take this wholeness of herself into her Elder-hood.

So many Elders are missing from our community due to trauma at a young age, by healing this and really being seen and celebrated in your maidenhood no matter your age is essential for your ability to really express your true self and bring your deep authentic wisdom to the world from menopause and beyond. Healing the Maiden is a beautiful journey which is also valuable for the rites of the Menopause as this threshold really is about any unfinished or unresolved issues surfacing to be acknowledged and healed to enable your transformation into deepening woman to be all that it should be. £222

Tree sisters online bundle

This online resource bundle has been specially put together and prepared  by Hannah Gwawr through her love of the forests and her path as a tree sister with the important work of feminine based leadership, resilience and restoration…it is a variation on the other becoming native bundles in that it is focused on our right relationship with the trees and forests as women. The bundle will assist women and girls to have 4 beautiful days of communion and connection with each other and with the forest. Bonding, sharing and celebrating together the wonderment, mystery and power of the indigenous feminine and the glory of the forest beings/the trees and its/their seasonal journey of transformation and community support, taking into the senses the life force, the smell and the beauty of the natural world. The women and girls will feel a deep sense of belonging, essential to their wholeness as they journey out into womanhood. The understanding of out true home and place on earth is experienced deep into our souls through our relationship with the forest ecosystem. This bundle is designed for the women and girls to be all together all day…

With the words
The treesisters bundle is £66 for 4 whole days of resources and a resource book and 2 coaching videos
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‘Each life calling involves a deeper connection to the inner-woven thread of destiny that leads us to the paths with heart and helps to aligns us with our natural dharma, our way of contributing to life and serving the world.’

Michael Meade


Eartha brings a very special presence to a circle of women and/or girls. Deep embodied wisdom, heart, playfulness and clarity sit alongside a humility and awareness that none of us can do this alone. Her work is empowering, generous, radical at the same time as simple and offered always with deep reverence for the living earth and all her beings. xx Hannah

Eartha, thanks so much for all your amazing and profound work. When I first watched some of the videos on your website I wept for the vision of circles of women and girls doing this work in every community…I’m so grateful for everything you’ve brought to our lodge so far….your embodied and lived wisdom, your powerful invitations and your sense of play and presence. Can’t wait for the girls to meet you when they join us!

Eartha has inspired such a beautiful movement here in the UK (and perhaps further afield?) by holding mother and daughter lodges for her girls and then supporting so many others to set them up for their daughters. I am so grateful for the support that has made that possible. To be able to lean into Eartha’s wisdom, experience and beautiful session plans that she provides (bundles), coming to hold several lodges a year and mentoring calls has been so incredible.      Meeting a year with just the mothers and journeying through the thresholds from birth, girlhood, menarche and beyond together and gathering our lost parts. Honouring and celebrating these transitions in a circle of sisterhood. Holding the wounded parts tenderly and giving them what they longed for through shamanic journeys, ritual, witnessing and more. Then welcoming our sweet girls in to this container (age 9-10 years old) and offering nature connection games and practices, stories, guided journeys, ceremonies and craft activities. Sharing women’s wisdom teachings on importantant topics such as puberty, menstruation, body image, how to stay true to yourself and your ‘soulskin’ and how to listen to your inner voice and so much more. The underlying foundation being of honouring the Earth and how nature is within us and we are the Earth was woven within the stories and other activities.    I have such precious memories of this journey. Seeing our daughters during their Girlbloom ceremony as they made their way blindfold towards us, guided by our song whilst following a rope through the woods with their hands. Visiting each ‘spirit spot’ where our girls spent their soul quest in the wild oak wood on Dartmoor and honouring her unique qualities. I love the way Eartha is with the girls, bringing laughter and lightness as well as such deep teachings.     My daughter loved the girls lodge. I can see how it has supported her to be comfortable  with talking about her body and the changes that puberty brings. Also, I value the closeness we share which was nourished by our monthly lodges. I feel that each mother and each daughter brought a  different colour thread to the lodge and these wove into a beautiful basket that held us and nourished us. We all learnt from each other and learnt that there is no one way of being a woman, all our unique medicines are needed in the world. It was an honour to witness them grow in to womanhood in this way. Annie

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