Woman Becoming Podcasts for girls and young women age 8 to 18. This series of podcasts are designed for those girls who do not have a girls circle to go to, they are for the young women to listen to themselves. Inspired by some of the sessions we designed and used with girls in circles , camps and our mentoring programs, giving all adolescent girls access to these teachings.

Podcast 1

Intro with a story and teachings on the quest of the adolescent years, the inner river and canoe of self.

 In this first podcast Eartha Shares the half girl story and uses the metaphor of the canoe and river to help navigating the journey to womanhood. She also explains what will be shared in the series of podcasts.

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Podcast 2

This podcast includes teachings on the map of womanhood. The life cycle of a woman from birth to death and the 9 Rites of passages we go through. This is introduced to your daughters through a drum story/journey. Contribution for this podcast is £20…click below.


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