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Hi this is my page, Hannah, I just wanted give some information on my work in Avalon, Glastonbury, England. My work is in harmony with Eartha. We work together a lot and our work is similar and has been developed together.

I am a treesister, a member of the global charity a wonderful charity dedicated to reforesting the tropics, running alongside is a deep and profound online mentoring programme for women. To explore more see the link above.

Within the treesisters work there is a project called Grove Tenders which has encouraged women from all over the world to come together and circle locally and create a grove. A circle inspired by the rise of the divine feminine and the regeneration of the land. Women supporting each other at these  powerful times of change with their outer projects and their inner work.

I have been part of creating the Treesisters  Avalon Grove. We have a Women’s circle where we gather and dream with the trees and land of Avalon

 with the intention of working with the land alongside the various outer projects of regeneration with the town council, the Goddess Temple Community and various other local organisations. See

Under the Avalon Grove is also the Girls lodge. So once a month in a beautiful woodland near Glastonbury Tor women gather with growing girls to bring  nature immersion games, womens wisdom and medicine stories, mentoring them as they journey to womanhood. This is for girls age 9plus. They here about the treesisters work around the world and will be involved with the local regeneration projects and tree planting in a sacred conscious way.

The girls lodge is also linked to the Goddess Temple Community and we are developing an older girls lodge, aged 13 plus, which will bring deeper teachings on the womans beauty way ad the medicine path of women. This will be held in the Goddess House and on the sacred land of the isle of Avalon.

This is the Banbha room in the Goddess house.


I am also bringing this work of growing girls to this years Moon Maiden Goddess Conference 2018 – It will be a 3 hour workshop bringing in the teachings of the map of Womanhood, The Painted Earth Temple, Changing Woman Moontime Mandala and Soulskin Bundles.20180804_155042

I also work with the Marion Brigantia of the Priestess community to bring sacred tree walks to people and young people. Walking the sacred land and deeply connecting with the Tree beings.

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Trees and the forest are essential to humanities health and wellbeing. We are entwined together in a symbiotic global ecosystem. Without trees and forest we are in danger with our health in terms of air quality and nutrition, our land suffers through flooding and drought but apart from the ecological consequences there is also the beauty of the forest and trees speaking to the deepest part of our souls, our wild natures.     Our inner landscape is reflected in the outer and vice versa. A natural sacred landscape rich in biodiversity and life force is essential to help reflect our inner world, to activate the magic and the mystery of life.

Through the wildwood we can journey with the Archetypes of the soul, and the forest path can be like an oracle and the inner guidance we need to look at our inner world. If all that is reflected back to us from the outer are buildings full of the material and intellectual world we are lacking in the richness and depth of the teachings of nature and the feminine.

Living with the trees and asking ourselves why we are here on the planet with them is the way of the Forest Priestess. Trees are memory banks, just like humans and the Earth, they can help guide us to our higher spiritual natures as they keep the records of the spirit of the land and our ancestors, helping us return to right relationship.



The trees also help us to be held in the loving arms of the mother, the loving, holding and abundant giving nature of Mother earth, the feminine principle that knows how to nuture a sustainable relationship for all.

I am involved in various community projects in Glastonbury which are addressing the preservation of exsisting trees on pilgrimage routes and the planting of a wellbeing forest, and working with the next generations of women with a girls lodge in a woodland, connecting womens wisdom with the land. Young people naturally relate to trees, encouraging this connection as they get older is important especially with girls as the seasonal changes of the trees are similar to the seasonal changes of the womans menstrual journey (see changing woman Mandala resources).

Teen Lodge: working to create a community circle of women to mentor teenage girls.

once monthly…ongoing see Treesisters Avalon Girls Grove in Facebook for more info…this is a beautiful  movement created for the journey of older girls as they seperate from their mothers to go out into the world…a circle of strong mentor women from the wider community stepping up to support this process so the mothers can let go in a good way and the girls can be seen..witnessed and held by a other women…leading on from this on the future will be rites of passage out on the land.Beautiful Luana #5

To enquire about the work in Glastonbury please email me. Hannah Gwawr.

the link below is a intervirw on glastonbury radio with hannah and fen

Tree sisters online bundle

This online resource bundle has been specially put together and prepared  by Hannah Gwawr through her love of the forests and her path as a tree sister with the important work of feminine based leadership, resilience and restoration.

Click on the image for more info and to buy the bundle 



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